30th of November Frank Pais Democratic Party in Placetas, Villa Clara

By Yoan David González Milanés, Municipal Delegate of the DP (Democratic Party). 30-11. FP (Frank Pais), in Santa Cruz South and Member of the National Orlando Zapata Tamayo Resistance Front.

Members of the DP (Democratic Party). FP (Frank Pais),and the Central Opposition Coalition, both groups belonging to the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Resistance Front, celebrated the Day of the Cuban Resistance this past August 5th 2011 with a peaceful protest outside the home of Jorge Luis Garcia Perez ‘Antunez’ in Placetas, amid an operation of the repressive forces of the Castro tyranny.  The agents surrounded the house during the previous afternoon, impeding the arrival of various dissidents.

The patriotic activity began with the notes of our National Anthem and afterward, Antunez spoke a few words, pointing out the reasons which led to this significant date which had become a nightmare for the regime.  Despite the grand police operation, the intimidation, and the constant instigation on behalf of the soldiers and sympathizers of the tyranny, this was not able to halt the spirit of the resistance in those of us present which vibrantly exclaimed that WE ARE ALL RESISTANCE, LONG LIVE HUMAN RIGHTS, and THE STREETS BELONG TO THE PEOPLE.

Those who participated in the event were:

Jorge Luis García Pérez – Antúnez.(Secretary General of the OZT Front)

Adriano Castañeda Meneses. (PD. 30-11 .FP)

Pastor Alexis Puerto Gómez. (PD. 30-11 .FP)

Yoan David González Milanés. (PD. 30-11 .FP)

Justo Luis Alonso García. (PD. 30-11 .FP)

Jorge Vázquez Chaviano. (C.C.O)

Guillermo Sánchez Blaz. (C.C.O)

Blaz Augusto Fortún Martínez. (C.C.O)

María Del Carmen Martínez López. (C.C.O)

Duniel García Ruíz. (C.C.O)

Jorge Luis Olivera Díaz. (C.C.O)

Pablo González Villa. (C.C.O)

Julio Columbie Batista. (C.C.O)

Iris Tamara Pérez Aguilera. (Mov. Rosa Park)

Yaíma Reyes Mesa. (Mov. Rosa Park)

Leidys García Pérez. (Mov. Rosa Park)

René Fernández Quiroga. (OZT Front)


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