Day of Cuban Resistance in Havana

By David Aguila Montero, Independent Journalist

August 5th, 2011.  Havana, Cuba.

In honor of national rebellion day, today, August 5th 2011, a group of 11 dissidents were able to carry out a peaceful march (amid a strong vigilance and counter operation)  from Belacoain Street and Malecon Avenue to Galiano and Malecon, where the historic Hotel Deauvil stands.  Such an activity was held in tribute to the popular protest which occurred on August 5th of 1994 which was carried out against the criminality and brutality of Fidel Castro’s regime (The “Maleconazo”.

The march began at 5:20 pm and demonstrated that the Cuban people are not afraid.  There were no arrests, but there was a strong vigilance on behalf of the political police and State Security agents which followed up to the end of the march.

The participants in the march were:

-Lierner Espinosa Rueda.

-Nancy Ramona Zamora Paz.

-Belkis Felicia Jorin Morfa.

-Dennis Miguel Gonzales Rodríguez.

-Máximo José García Gonzales.

Ernesto Toro Graci.

-José Castenau Castellano.

-Fernando Jesús bergura Arguelles.

-Yunier Larena Ibáñez.

-Sebastián Rogelio Brages Borges.

-Julio Regatillo Martínez.

-David Águila Montero.


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