“Drowned by Garbage, and They Don’t Care”

By Eriberto Liranza Romero

Isis Herrera Viel is denouncing what she describes as abuse and indolence on behalf of the authorities of Popular Power in her municipality of Arroyo Naranjo.  “I am living in a garbage dump and no one cares about this.  If someone in my family gets sick it is the fault of the Cuban government”.

“The house, located in #313 Rosario Avenue, between I Street and Yatera, in the Rosario Neighborhood, has rapidly become the municipal dump site.  All of the garbage in the zone ends up right in front of my door and I have already complained to the district delegate, the President of Popular Power, the communal organization, and it has all been in vain.  The garbage keeps growing, and I have to live locked away in my own house because of the horrible smell, the flies, and the rats”.

“I live in a poor neighborhood.  Many times, people slaughter animals in order to eat them or for religious purposes, and all the wastes end up in the garbage dump.  Animals that die are left there.  As the hours pass, the pestilence is unbearable.  Pests take over the place.  I am desperate and the government has already showed me that they do not care if we are drowned by the garbage or if we die infested”.


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