Hard Line Front Offers Courses on Civil Disobedience

This past August 25th 2011, activists from the ‘Hard Line Front’ kicked off a new course on Civil Disobedience and Active NonViolent Struggles.

The lessons were taught in the neighborhood of La Guinera, in the capital municipality of Arroyo Naranjo, by the dissident leader Hermogenes Guerrero Gomez, president of that dissident organization, affiliated to the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Resistance Front.  The course began with an introduction to the history of the civil rights defender Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Guerrero also explained the importance which civil disobedience has in the peaceful Resistance struggle.

The class lasted for two hours and was honored with the presence of human rights activists such as Hermógenes I. Guerrero Gómez, president of the Hard Line Front; Yamilet Clapé Leandro, secretariat of the Hard Line Front; ; Yudanys Ávila García, independent librarian and activist for the Hard Line Front; Ricardo Yanes González, activist from the 30th of November Frank Pais Party and the Hard Line Front; Martha B. Rodríguez González, activist from CID and the Freedom Movement; Heriberto Pons Ruiz, delegate of the CID Party in Arroyo Naranjo; and Caridad Ramírez Útria, vice-delegate of the CID Party of Arroyo Naranjo.

Hard Line Front

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