My Neighbor’s Boyfriend

by Eriberto Liranza Romero

My neighbor has a boyfriend who is a police officer.  My neighbor’s name is Yaelianis and she is the daughter of a snitch at the service of the political police- Mario.  Mario is the same one who, during the terrible days of January of the present year, offered buckets of manure belonging to his pigs to members of the Rapid Response Brigade so that they would throw it at my front porch, along with all the other acts of vandalism and rock hurling which still goes on now to interrupt the sleep of my children.

Mario and Yaelianis live behind my house.  To get into their home, you have to go by the side of mine.  On some occasions it is inevitable to hear their snitching and boasting of how much harm they do to people.  I remember the reaction of Tania, the mother of Yaelianis, when she praised the boyfriend of her daughter because he was jailing a Cuban worker.  The police boyfriend had surprised the unfortunate man who was using the business’ vehicle to solve personal issues.

I was shocked before so much hypocrisy.  Yaelianis’ boyfriend drives a cop vehicle, made in China and acquired with the money of the people by the Ministry of the Interior.  I have been witness of the infinite amounts of times this vehicle, number 079E, has been used by the police boyfriend as a taxi, road trip car, or as a transport vehicle for the feed of Mario’s pigs.  In sum, they use the state’s vehicle for personal errands.  Is this not the same thing which Tania mentioned and the same grounds which her son-in-law used to fine another citizen?

This same police vehicle, present in dozens of Political Police operations to jail peaceful dissidents of the regime which meet at my house, is driven by a corrupt official that is capable of jailing and fining a simple Cuban who surely has to buy each piece of his rickety car in order to make it drive so that he can try to solve the issues of his ruined business.

That’s how it is, this is the revolutionary police which Castro talks about, the one that abuses and extorts the Cuban people, the one which consists of double morals.  I send my condolences to the victims of my neighbor’s boyfriend for so much abuse.  If any of them ever read this post, at least they will be satisfied to know that the hypocrisy of the National Revolutionary Police is being unmasked.

The partner of the in-love police official

Taking the family for a ride in the cop car

Tania and Yaelianis with the boyfriend cop

Mario during a mop repudiation attack against my family


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