Political Police Citation for Youth Leader

Police citation for Eriberto Liranza

By Raul Parada Ramirez, Information Bureau of CYMD

Human rights activist Eriberto Liranza Romero, leader of the Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy and National Resistance Front Coordinator for Western Cuba, was “visited” during the afternoon of Monday, August 22nd by a political police official which brought him an official citation so that he show up next Wednesday, August 24th in the National Revolutionary Police Station of El Capri.

The citation was accompanied by threats on behalf of the official that he could be either fined or sanctioned upon not complying.  Hours later, another State Security official named “Juan” patrolled the home of Liranza until late night hours.

“They do this to scare my family.  My children already know the evil of these people because they too have been victims of the Political Police- mob repudiation acts, searches of my house, and they have seen beatings and arrests.  My family knows that the presence of Political Police officials in the neighborhood is synonymous for trouble.  We can only wait and see what they are cooking with this citation”, declared Liranza.

“Juan” gives order to his subordinates

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