Resistance is the Path

by Eriberto Liranza Romero

I know that to to talk about politics I still have to ask the elders for permission.  That is why I have let the politicians talk first, the learned ones who call dissidents “important”.  A few days ago, I saw how a new document titled “The Path of the People” was made public.

It called my attention that some of the first signatories to the document are actually distant to the reality, because they are precisely as important as the height of their shoulders, and therefore are impeded from seeing the path, and much less the people.  The first misstep I found when I tried to walk was that it intends to “ask for”, through the very document, changes which can only be achieved out on the streets through pressures and protests.  Only then can we tear down the Castro tyranny.  Looking back on the Varela Project makes me believe that going down that path, only with paper and ink, means to just bump into the same rock.

Another narrow obstacle along the path is offering the current functionaries of the Castro regime the opportunity for a space for a supposed “National Council”.  I imagine the Ladies in White including all those who close down the streets on which they demand freedom and democracy in their path.  I believe in inclusion and tolerance, but I cannot allow that such perverse people who oppress and beat peaceful dissidents in order to keep their positions or jobs, hold public office.

Unity is not achieved through the compilation of signatures from “important” dissidents on a piece of paper, nor by softly petting the monster so that it will not bite.  Despite how many signatures prop up on “The People’s Path”, those sick people in power will not change.  It simply means to put a band-aid over an infested wound.  The majority of the first signatories have had their own projects which more or less have “asked for”.  They have all failed for the simple fact that they do not go beyond the signature and the media campaign.

Enough of signatures.  Let us make our rights matter out on the street, as the Ladies and White have done, as the Orlando Zapata Tamayo Resistance Front has done, and as many others who, may have also signed, but defend their citizen rights when they are violated by the tyranny.  Many fingers are now in pain because of so many annotations.  Nothing is achieved if we make another path just to abandon it until the next project.  When the thousands of signatures are already on the path, the regime will destroy all the papers.  Only those who cannot be erased, the ones who do demand their rights, those who will not prepare yet another path because they have signed by joining the Resistance and have victory as their goal.  Then, I will be another soldier.  With them, I signed a long time ago.

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