The Resistance Front Seals Alliance with The Voice of the People

An important work meeting took place in the headquarters of the Voice of the People project in the Havana municipality of El Cerro.  Jorge Castorberi, national coordinator of this social initiative and Eriberto Liranza, leader of the Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy and Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Resistance Front Coordinator for Western Cuba have chosen unity in order to accelerate democratic change in Cuba.

“Recently, the Voice of the People was awarded by the CADAL organization, located in Argentina.  The purpose for this meeting was to work towards converting a dream into reality- helping Cubans.  I believe that unity is essential for achieving democracy in Cuba, and we should set an example for the people we intend to liberate of this communist regime.  Everyone will be welcomed to work in harmony in favor of a free Cuba”, expressed Jorge.

“The directors of The Voice of the People, the Front, and CYMD are all convinced that through social projects which benefit the people we will achieve a more effective approach between the opposition and the rest of Cuban society, without leaving behind the importance of actions taken by the National Resistance Front against he dictatorship, while supporting initiatives which solve the hunger problem and the abandonment which Jose Marti’s country has been subjected to under the dictatorship”, said Liranza.

After the meeting, Joge Castorberi participated in the “From Thought to Action” radio program which is transmitted from Radio Republica, in the exile, and which are run by members of the Resistance Front- Jorge Luis Garcia “Antunez” from Placetas and Eriberto Liranza Romero, from Havana.


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