CYMD Activist Arrested

Carlos Alexander Borrego Galardy

This past 25th of September, the activist from the Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy, Carlos Alexander Borrego Galardy, was detained.  The arrest was carried out by State Security officials and took place in public at 12:30 pm.  The political police officials “Eri” and “Nelson” violently approached him on 41st and 76th Street in the municipality of Marianao.  The human rights activist and his wife, Ariadna Berlan Rosares, were on their way to the headquarters of the Cuban Youth Movement in Parraga.  Carlos Alexander was taken to the 6th Police Unit of that same municipality and three hours later he was taken in another police vehicle to the 5th Police Unit of the Playas municipality.  Borrego Galardy was threatened with “an increase in repressive measures towards dissidents of the regime” by officer “Eri”.  According to Galardy, the official added that “they wouldn’t think twice about taking the tanks out to the street”.  The activist was released on the 26th, 24 hours after his arrest.


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