New Independent Library Inaugurated in Parraga

This past 22nd of September, human rights activists and librarians inaugurated the Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia Independent Library in Estrella Street, #88, between Pinar del Rio and Yumuri, Parraga, Arroyo Naranjo.

Jennifer Suarez Varela, director of the new library stated that she was “very content with doing something useful for the community which is already starting to wake up in the face of so much repression and censorship”.  The participants spent more than two hours of lecture with Suarez Varela and also helped her organize material to be offered to the inhabitants of Arroyo Naranjo.

The promoters of this activity were Hermógenes Guerrero Gómez, President of the Hard Line Front; Jennifer Suarez Varela, Juan Wilfredo Soto García Movement; René Rouco Machín, President of the Juan Wilfredo Soto García Movement; Raúl Parada Ramírez, Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy; Caridad Ramírez Útria, Democratic and Independent Cuba Party ; Heriberto Pons Ruíz,Democratic and Independent Cuba Party; Antonio Pérez Romero, Cubna Youth Movement for Democracy; Luís Enrique López Torre, Cuban Council; Cándida Pedroso Hernández, Juan Wilfredo Soto García Movement; and Eriberto Liranza Romero, president of the Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy.

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