Political Police Oppresses on the Day of Resistance

Revolutionary Police stationed outside home of Eriberto Liranza

By Antonio Perez Romero

From the very early hours of this past 24th of October, officials from the Political Police and the National Revolutionary Police surrounded the homes of various dissidents in the capital.  The family of the leader of the Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy, Eriberto Liranza Romero, was also being grossly harassed by the first Lieutenant Luis from the G2 (State Security).

The policeman, along with another official who claims to be called ‘Ale’, mounted a vigilance operation from the morning hours of the 24th, while also visiting the homes of Rapid Response Brigade officials.  Though they did not directly harass Liranza, agents ‘Luis’ and ‘Ale’ stood in front of the house so that we would know they were there, just to cause terror in us.  I was afraid that my husband would step out, because I knew they would jail him.  Eriberto told me that our house was not a prison and that he was going out to the street.  Apparently since they saw that in our house there was not much activity, they left.  The activities for the Day of Resistance took place elsewhere, and without problems“, declared Yaimi Alfonso, wife of Liranza.

Another house that was surrounded was that of peaceful dissident Heriberto Pon Ruiz.  “The operation was carried out by the National Police, using police vehicle number 186 and under the direction of the G2.  Agent ‘Nelson’ and other well-known oppressors were also present.  My wife Caridad Ramirez and I had to jump the back fence in order to participate in the activities of the Day of the Resistance.  If they wanted to arrest me, they couldn’t.  But it is not easy to live under vigilance as if one was a murderer“, declared Heriberto Pons, vicepresident of the Brothers to the Rescue Freedom and Democracy Movement.  In addition, Pons and Caridad Ramirez are delegates of the Independent and Democratic Party of Cuba for the zone of Los Pinos.

Agent 'Luis' of the G2 (State Security), who oppresses Liranza

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