The Release of Huber Matos from Jail is Commemorated

By Antonio Pérez Romero, CYMD

The historic date of October 21st 1979 does not go unnoticed among the members of the Orlando Zapata Tamayo Resistance Front  of Arroyo Naranjo.  In various headquarters of this opposition movement in Havana dissidents commemorated the day in which Commander Huber Matos finally saw freedom from his unjust 20 year prison sentence.

For every Cuban who has heard of the bravery and resistance of this commander, such an important date cannot be ignored.  Matos is a flag of fidelity and dedication to a just cause- the cause of freedom and democracy.  Huber is an example of dignity and firmness.  There is not a Cuban in the world that does not admire him.  Not even those who betrayed him can hide that he is one of the most important sons of the nation.  Perhaps that is why the Castro brothers despise him so much, because they hate freedom”, declared Eriberto Liranza, president of the Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy.

Varios activities were held in the home of Liranza, as well as in other headquarters of the municipality, such as the homes of Caridad Ramirez Utria and Heriberto Pons Ruiz- delegates of the Independent and Democratic Party of Cuba in los Pinos.  They promoted this important event.  It’s main objective was to disclose the real history of Matos to the Cuban people, as he was betrayed by the usurpers of power who now enslave Cuba.


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