CYMD Celebrates Meeting in Havana

April 22, 2012

Various members from the directory board of the Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy in Havana visited the national headquarters of the group in order to carry out an administrative meeting regarding the movement and to know more about the health of the group’s delegate in Western Cuba, Niurka Luque Alvarez, a political prisoner of the Castro regime who is being held in the women’s prison known as “Manto Negro” (“Black Cloak”), located West of Havana.

In the meeting, the youths accorded to strengthen the unity of CYMD in the face of the attacks carried out by the political police and its henchmen.  They also agreed to continue demanding freedom for Niurka Luque by carrying out denouncements and protests to prove her innocence.  Niurka is currently in a punishment cell just for refusing to use the prison uniform, stating that she is innocent and a political prisoner.

Eriberto Liranza, president of the CYMD, said to feel much satisfaction knowing that the Youths for Democracy have grown so much and have carried out such excellent work.  Liranza also announced the opening of a new delegation of the group in the city of Placetas, in the province of Las Villas.  In the meeting, there were two leaders present of the Movement from the Eastern region of the country.

Photo and Report courtesy of Yaimi Alfonso Miret; Information and Press Commission of the CYMD